Two high school students have applied for a position on the Davis School Board.

Trajan King, a junior at Davis High, and Brandi Curtis, a junior at Viewmont High, are each seeking to become the first student member of the board.Each has collected the requisite 500 signatures of their peers to be considered for the position.

The board voted this week to appoint an advisory committee to meet with the applicants and make a recommendation. A decision probably will be made in June because the one-year student term must begin July 1.

King, who petitioned the board in early March, was the first student in Davis County history to apply for the job, which was recently provided for by state statute. His application caught the district, which had no policy for selecting student board members, off guard.

The district has since drafted a new policy that sets deadlines and procedures for appointing student members. The policy states that applications must be made before May 1, and could be forwarded to an advisory committee for review.

Once an appointment is made, the new student board member automatically becomes a member of the Board's Student Advisory Committee, which makes recommendations on matters directly affecting high school students.Though a member of the school board, the student's powers are quite limited. The student cannot vote on any motion nor attend closed, or "executive," sessions in which the board discusses personnel, litigation and real-estate matters.

King is the son of Felshaw and Mary King, Kaysville; Curtis is the daughter of Rex and Sue Curtis, Centerville.