A federal judge has refused to dismiss a Salt Lake County investigator from J. Gary Sheets' lawsuit against the publishers of a book about Utah's 1985 bombing-forgery case.

Sheets contends in his $1 million invasion of privacy lawsuit that Salt Lake County attorney's investigator Mike George was the source who leaked Sheets' wife's diary to author and former New York Times reporter Robert Lindsey.Lindsey used portions of the diary in his 1988 best-seller, "A Gathering of Saints," one of three books written about the Mark Hofmann bombing and Mormon forgery case.

The book outlined events leading up to the Oct. 15, 1985, pipebomb murders of Kathy Sheets, 50, and 30-year-old Stephen F. Christensen, a business associate of Gary Sheets and documents buff.

Hofmann later confessed to the slayings, saying he had set the devices in an effort to escape detection as a trafficker in forged early Mormon documents and other Americana.

Sheets sued Lindsey and publisher Simon & Schuster in July 1989, saying use of his wife's diary was an invasion of privacy.

As a result, Sheets' attorney, Kent Linebaugh, added George, Salt Lake County and former county attorney Ted L. Cannon as defendants in the suit in December 1990.