Mother's Day is an important time in most Utah households. It's also a big day at Hogle Zoo where many mothers - and babies - are in the limelight.

Many new arrivals will be spending their first Mother's Day at the Zoo, officials say.More than 300 babies are born or hatched every year at the zoo, most of them in the spring.

The zoo's new arrivals include a meerkat, a cottontop tamarin monkey, capachin monkey, kookaburra, St. Croix sheep, bald eagle, Thompsons gazelle, black and white lemur and several reptile hatchlings, to name a few. More are on the way. Zookeepers, who are interested in educating children and adult visitors about the wonders of nature at the facility, say a lot of people don't realize that baby beavers are known as kits; baby eels, elver; baby codfish, sprags; and baby hawks, eyas.

The list also includes baby fish, which are known as fingerlings; baby owls, owlets; baby grasshoppers, nymphs; baby partridges, cheepers; baby skunks, kittens; baby salmon, smolt; baby turkeys, poults; baby swans, cygnets; baby pigeons, swabs; baby tigers, whelps; baby roosters, cockerels; back macherels, blinkers; baby spiders, spiderlings; baby grouse, flappers; baby kangaroos, joeys; and baby hares, leverets.

The zoo is open 363 days a year. The gate opens at 9 a.m. and closes at 6 p.m. Buildings remain open until 7:30 p.m. Admission prices are $4 for adults; $2, senior citizens; children 5 through 14 and children under 5, free.