Utah already is close to the goals mapped last month by a national summit on mathematics testing, said the governor's education aide.

Colleen Colton said Utah is far along the road mapped by participants in a National Summit on Mathematics Assessment.Participants said student testing should be aligned with the curriculum and teaching standards defined by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

Utah already is close to this, said Colton, who attended the summit.

She said the state now uses criterion-reference tests to make sure students are learning the state's core curriculum. Utah will have to make some minor changes to its mathematics core curriculum to more closely align it with the national standards, she said.

The summit proposed a variety of testing methods, including performance-based tests.

Performance-based testing, also known in education circles as authentic testing, refers to a comprehensive form featuring student portfolios containing work samples.

While popular in some states as an alternative to traditional machine-graded, multiple-choice testing, its use has been limited in Utah.