Michael Landon, in his first public appearance since disclosing he has inoperable cancer, joked with Johnny Carson about his coffee enemas and said he feels good.

The former star of "Bonanza," "Little House on the Prairie" and "Highway to Heaven" was greeted with a standing ovation as he walked on stage during Thursday's taping of "The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson."Landon, 54, said he feels "very good" despite learning last month he has cancer of the liver and pancreas, which usually is fatal.

The TV star said his treatment includes coffee enemas, a regimen he joked about with Carson, a longtime friend and neighbor.

"You ever taken a coffee enema?" he asked the studio audience. When someone answered they had, he joked "You must be fun to have breakfast with."

Pointing to Carson, Landon added, "I invited John over for a coffee enema. He wanted cream and sugar, and I'm not pouring."

Since Landon's April 8 news conference announcing his diagnosis, he has stayed close to his Malibu ranch home.

Besieged requests for interviews, Landon agreed to appear on the show because "You're my buddy" he told Carson.

Landon said the outpouring of fan letters - more than 50,000 - overwhelms him. "I must tell everybody `Thank you,' " he said.

Besides coffee enemas, Landon's treatment includes chemotherapy, highly concentrated doses of vitamins and light exercise.

"Mentality is more than 50 percent of your medicine," he said.

Carson said Landon had faced his cancer with "humor and honesty and a personal sense of dignity that characterizes the man."

"If prayer helps at all, you've got the prayers of everybody in the nation," Carson added.