Protesters threw eggs at Chancellor Helmut Kohl on Friday, and several of them hit the German leader in the face and on the suit during a visit to the eastern city of Halle.

The burly Kohl, stopping in one of eastern Germany's most economically depressed regions, was about to shake hands with people in the crowd when some demonstrators began chanting anti-Kohl slogans.Some in the crowd then began throwing eggs. Kohl ducked but winced when he was struck in the face and on his upper body. Apparently angered, he pulled away from security guards, egg dripping from his jacket, and moved toward about a dozen protesters.

A few more eggs flew as security guards surrounded Kohl and pulled him back. He appeared uninjured and later went on to shake hands with those who had turned out to welcome him.

Demonstrators also threw eggs and tomatoes at Kohl in Erfurt and Leipzig last month, but none hit the chancellor.

Eastern Germans, angered over their economic plight, have accused Kohl of abandoning them as they face mounting financial woes.