The city's emergency services hopes a new set of "jaws" won't chew up its budget - but do hope it will save lives.

Representatives from the Pleasant Grove Emergency Medical Services proposed a rate increase from $120 per call to $150 to fund the purchase of an updated set of emergency extraction devices called "jaws."Emergency services has had to call on neighboring cities to extract accident victims from wrecks that its come-alongs and smaller "jaws" have been unable to move. In a recent accident it took an extra 11/2 hours to rescue a victim because equipment from Orem had to be summoned.

The City Council committed to purchase the new set of "jaws" at the cost of $10,600, adding the cost to next fiscal year. Emergency services needed the commitment now in order to purchase a demonstration model that became available because of technological advances.

The new "jaws" will be piston-driven and will have their own power source that allows them to be carried away from rescue vehicles when needed.

The state has authorized emergency services to raise the cost of emergency calls to $190, but Pleasant Grove officials felt that cost was too high. The City Council moved to add the rate increase to the agenda of the next council meeting to allow for public response.