Officials of the State and Defense departments said Friday that they have had talks with the German government on establishing a German military base in the United States.

German air force units have trained at U.S. Air Force bases in the American West and Southwest since 1955. A base under foreign control could be the first on U.S. soil since British troops occupied points in the old Northwest Territories before the War of 1812, not counting the Confederacy of the 1861-1865 Civil War.U.S. forces have several bases in Germany.

On Thursday two members of the German parliament told reporters in Washington they had discussed with Pentagon officials an increase in the number of Germans being trained in the United States.

"You shouldn't think it means the Huns are coming," said Werner Hoyer of the German Defense Working Group.

Parliament member Bernd Wilz said the Germans were looking for places where the weather is good enough for year-round training.

Germany's often overcast and rainy weather - in some years it can be cloudy in northern Europe 60 percent of the time - offers fewer days for flying than the sunny American Southwest.