To the editor:

I write in reference to Salt Lake County Commission meeting April 24 concerning the boundary dispute between Taylorsville-Bennion Community Council and Kearns Town Council. The 20-item propaganda sheet that TBCC passed around at the meeting is loaded with falsehoods and snide comments. I address only a few:1. "KTC wants to incorporate the entire two-council area and sees only tax base, not the people." Answer: TBCC has repeatedly tried incorporation and failed. KTC hasn't brought this issue to a vote of our people in our history.

2. "KTC has contempt for the county government." Answer: The flier TBCC circulated to announce the "overlap hearing" flays the commissioners again and again for their handling of this question. The flier KTC delivered to the people of Kearns contains no critical statements with reference to county leadership.

3. "KTC will not cooperate with TBCC in any matters of mutual concern." Answer: It is Jim Whitehead, chairman of the TBCC, who has demanded that KTC agree to his philosophies, his concepts, without compromise. He doesn't seem to know the meaning of the word "cooperation."

On behalf of the Kearns Town Council, I thank the county commissioners for the resolution they adopted at the conclusion of the meeting. It was both wise and fair.

Contrary to remarks previously made by our detractors, KTC has never opposed an election by people in the overlap area who occupy residential property. What we have opposed vigorously is forcing commercial property owners into this election. Now that the issue is settled, we couldn't be more pleased.

Commissioner Bradley is due special commendation for taking the time to visit commercial businesses on both sides of 5400 South in the disputed zone to determine personally that they regard their property as located in Kearns.

After the county commission meeting, several individuals from the TBCC area suggested that the two councils get together and discuss ways of cooperating toward our common future. KTC fully favors this idea, and we intend to pursue it immediately.

R.J. Fulton, treasurer

Kearns Town Council