The Dance and the Child International Conference (DaCi) will convene in Salt Lake City in August 1991, with the University of Utah's Virginia Tanner Creative Dance Program, the Children's Dance Theatre, and the U.'s departments of ballet and modern dance as hosts.

The conference will be held in the Alice Sheets Marriott Center for Dance, the University's new dance building, scheduled for occupancy by 1989."DaCi will address such topics as arts in education, dance as culture, both folk and ethnic, injury prevention, and nutrition. Most importantly, it will concentrate on the child as creator and performer, in workshops that emphasize technique and creativity," said Mary Ann Lee, director of the Tanner Creative Dance Program and the Children's Dance Theatre.

An International Gala will welcome delegates from around the world, and Lee hopes for increased representation from the Eastern bloc and third world countries. The community will be invited to performances and other special events.