The following recall notices were printed in the May issue of Consumer Reports.

- '90-'91 Buick, Chevrolet, Oldsmobile, Pontiac. Safety belts could fail. 412,792 cars made 2/89-8/90 including '90-'91 Buick Regal and '90 Chevrolet Lumina, Oldsmobile Cutlass and Pontiac Grand Prix. Have your dealer install special bracket on guide loops for front shoulder belts.- '91 Ford Explorer and Mazda Navajo. If bumper hitch is used for towing, bumper could come off. 220,000 Explorers made 2/90-1/91 and 10,000 Navajos made 8/90-1/91. Have dealer install reinforcing hardware.

- '90-'91 Dodge Monaco and '89-'91 Eagle Premier. Rear brake line could rub against fuel-tank heat shield and leak, reducing braking effectiveness. 76,000 cars made 8/88-12/90. Have dealer modify shield to clear brake line.

- '89-'90 Jeep Cherokee and Wagoneer. Brakes could fail. 33,000 vehicles with antilock brakes, made 1/89-6/90. Have dealer inspect, reposition and replace various brake components.

- `91 BMW 525i. Throttle could stick in open position. 5,644 cars made 9/90-12/90. Have dealer inspect and/or replace throttle housing.

- '91 Alfa Romeo 164. Headlights could go out suddenly. 4,500 cars made 10/89-10/90. Have dealer replace headlight switch.

- '91 Ford Explorer and Maxda Navajo. Front heat shield could puncture fuel tank, creating fire hazard. 25,000 Explorers made 2/90-11/90 and 6,424 Navajos made 8/90-11/90. Have dealer replace heat shield.

- '91 Lincoln Town Car. Steering column could damage fuel lines and cause engine-compartment fire. 26,000 cars made 8/90-9/90. Have dealer reposition fuel lines.

- '89-'91 Volvo. If fuel tank is overfilled, fuel could seep out, creating fire hazard. 19,286 cars made 6/88-12/90 including '89-'90 Volvo 760 and 780, and '91 Volvo 940 and Coupe, and 80-liter fuel tank. Have dealer tighten sending-unit lock ring and, if necessary, replace lock-ring gasket.

- '91 Ford Explorer. Fuel could leak from top of tank, creating fire hazard. 18,000 vehicles made 7/90-8/90. Have dealer inspect fuel tank.

- '91 Alfa Romeo Spider. Steering mechanism could fail. 500 cars made 5/90-9/90. Have dealer replace necessary steering parts.

- '90-'91 Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Turn-signal indicator on control module could misfunction. 19,950 motorcycles made 3/90-11/90 including '90 FLT and all '91 models. Have dealer replace control module.

'89-'90 Porsche. Hood could suddenly open and block driver's view. 2,451 cars made 4/88-12/89 including '89 Carrera 4 and 911; and '90 Carrera 2, Carrera 4, 911, Cabrio, Targa and Coupe. Have dealer replace plastic trim surrounding safety latch and install bracket to prevent interference.