In re-arranging orchestral accompaniment of its season-opening "Romeo and Juliet," at the Capitol Theater Sept. 21-26, Ballet West has two contingency plans. Neither involve the Utah Symphony, now out on strike for higher wages.

"We have budgeted for the Symphony for the entire season," said general manager Trevor Cushman, "but our contract contains a `no work' clause which absolves us in such a case as this."Our preference is to find a pickup orchestra that can handle the score, and we are working with the local union on that angle. But the Prokofiev music is intricate, difficult and heavy, requiring at least 50 musicians; and our music director, Terence Kern, is back in New York state with the company, conducting its Art Park performances of `Giselle.' He will not be back until Sunday, and with Monday being a holiday, we have a very short lead time.

"The other possibility is to assemble a composite recorded score from a number of CD tapes, selecting passages from each according to how well they fit choreographer Michael Smuin's conception of what the scene should be. We would rather do this than have a half-baked live accompaniment."