People who run a business without a license in unincorporated Salt Lake County and fear what will happen if they try to get one should take heart.

In June, Salt Lake County likely will offer an amnesty period. Anyone without a license, no matter how many years they've been in business, can obtain one without having to pay any penalties.Mike Reberg, a county management analyst, said the amnesty idea came after the county discovered more than 100 day-care providers were operating without a county license.

"A lot of these people say they didn't know they were supposed to have a license," Reberg said. "We said, why not grant them the month of June to come in and get on the books?"

The day-care providers were licensed with the state but not the county. The county learned of the discrepancy after receiving a list of the people who had received state licenses.

Reberg said the program will be similar to a recent library amnesty, in which people were forgiven for up to $4 worth of overdue books at county libraries.

He estimated about 1,600 people in the unincorporated county are operating various businesses without a license. Most are businesses run out of the home.

County business licenses cost $35 a year if the annual receipts are less than $10,000 and cost $70 for all others.

The County Commission must make the final decision whether to proceed with the amnesty. Meanwhile, the more than 100 day-care providers have been sent notices telling them to get a license.