A wanted man who was wounded by deputy sheriffs as he made off with an unmarked patrol car led deputies, FBI agents and police from two cities on a high-speed chase from 3600 South to 100 South and 700 East.

Jesus Alvarado was arrested and taken to LDS Hospital where he was in critical condition with a gunshot wound to the left chest and arm.The chase began when Alvarado - wanted in Utah for aggravated assault and capital homicide and on a federal warrant for unlawful flight from justice - fled on foot when Salt Lake County deputies attempted to serve the warrant at 250 E. Helm (3645 South), according to Lt. Chuck Christensen, Salt Lake County sheriff's office.

Officers were meeting at 3600 S. State to prepare for a raid when Alvarado's wife pointed him out as he drove by. Deputies ran after him through a school yard, but Alvarado doubled back and jumped into an unmarked county "prowl" car.

Deputies opened fire, Christensen said, and Alvarado was hit in the abdomen.

He started the car and raced toward State Street, according to Christensen, with county deputies and FBI agents in pursuit.

Officers chased Alvarado north on State Street. He threw a police shotgun out the window at 2700 S. State, according to Christensen, but he did not slow down.Witnesses said the vehicles involved in the chase were exceeding 50 or 60 mph.

Alvarado turned east off State Street onto 600 South and then north on 700 East. Deputies were granted permission at that time to end the chase by colliding with the suspect. Christensen said officers feared other people would be harmed by vehicles involved in the pursuit.

When the suspect turned east onto 100 South, three sheriff's cars surrounded the stolen vehicle, preventing escape, according to Christensen. A car traveling west on 100 South was hit by Alvarado, but the occupants were uninjured.

Twenty-four vehicles from county sheriff's office, Salt Lake police and South Salt Lake police gathered at the scene of the crash. Witnesses also arrived from as far south as 3600 S. State.

Jim Logan, FBI special agent, said Alvarado was wanted in Utah for aggravated assault and capital homicide. The federal warrant was issued when authorities believed he had fled to Phoenix. Logan said agents learned late Friday afternoon that Alvarado was in Utah. Agents from the Department of Corrections and the FBI were involved in the apprehension effort.

Department of Corrections officials refused to comment on an attempt to apprehend Alvarado two weeks ago. Department personnel led officers from the Salt Lake County sheriff's department and police on a search for Alvarado involving four residences in the city and county and a list of several vehicles. Officers came up empty-handed on that Saturday evening.

Corrections department official Scott Pepper would not say whether Alvarado was in the state at that time, whether he had since fled to Arizona or whether Alvarado has been in Utah for the two weeks since that attempted capture.

Pepper said there would be more information as the investigation progresses.