When "60 Minutes" correspondent Lesley Stahl went to Miami for a news story, she learned an important safety tip: Keep your car doors locked.

Stahl, in Miami to report on the 1988 beating death of a drug dealer by police, was driving with producer Barbara Dury when an intruder flung open an unlocked back door and jumped in.Dury struggled with the intruder, police spokesman David Rivero said of the Wednesday evening incident, adding, "Lesley was in shock, and Barbara started weaving in traffic."

Deliberately trying to cause a commotion, Dury accelerated and crashed the car into a wall. The mugger fled, stealing Dury's purse, about $100, a checkbook and a briefcase with newspaper clippings.

"Barbara was cool as ice," Stahl said.

Less than three hours after the incident, it almost happened again to Stahl and producer Jim Jackson. Another thug pounded on the car. This time, they had the doors locked.