Tornadoes and flooding during the last 24 hours have killed at least 53 more people in areas destroyed by an earlier cyclone, news reports and officials said Friday.

Five planes carrying aid, including the first two U.S. jets, landed in Dhaka with medicine and relief material for survivors of the brutal April 30 cyclone that killed tens of thousands and left millions homeless.Weather officials said a new major storm brewing in the Bay of Bengal could strike by the end of the month, but they could not predict its force.

The government says nearly 126,000 people died in the cyclone. The government has not released a new death toll since Monday despite the discovery of many more bodies. It has offered no explanation for the slowdown.

At least three tornadoes cut deadly swathes across the country Thursday, pulverizing the mud-and-thatch huts in which most of Bangladesh's 110 million people live.

At least 24 people were killed by a tornado at Sirajganj, 65 miles northwest of Dhaka, local reporters said.

Another 17 were killed in a tornado near Habiganj, 75 miles northeast of Dhaka, according to reporters in the area.