Low-income senior citizens looking for a place to call home may get help from Orem City.

The City Council authorized the Utah County Housing Authority to pursue a federal grant to build a 30-unit housing complex for the elderly. The grant application will be made on behalf of the city, the Orem Senior Citizen Center and a private non-profit sponsor. The city is looking for a non-profit sponsor to join the venture.If the entities receive the grant, the complex will be built on three acres owned by the city at approximately 400 E. 200 North.

Changes in the elderly housing program make this an opportune time to seek the grant, said Gene Carly, executive director of the Utah County Housing Authority. The grant does not have to be repaid and, unlike the previous grant program, will allow construction of a one-story structure.

Residents living near the proposed site objected a year ago to construction of a "hulking" two-story structure, Council Member Keith Hunt said. He urged the council to pursue the grant.

"The issue of size and magnitude of the building . . . will make a huge difference, not only to the senior citizens but to the neighbors also," said Daryl Berlin, city manager.

The grant application must be submitted by the end of June, Carly said.