Trash pickup fees may rise by 70 percent for residents of unincorporated Salt Lake County, according to a proposal county commissioners will consider next month.

County Sanitation Director William Finney said the increase is needed to replace old trucks and equipment, to once more begin a popular spring cleanup program and to speed the day when all unincorporated residents have automated garbage service.Unincorporated residents now pay $60 per year - a fee tacked onto their yearly property-tax notices. The new proposal would raise that fee to $102. Additionally, people who have automated service and want to rent a second trash can from the county would have to pay $6 monthly instead of $2.

With automated service, the county issues specially designed cans that its trucks empty mechanically.

The fee increase would appear to make the county the most expensive place in the valley for trash pickup. But Finney said the county's garbage collection is entirely self-funded. Some cities use other taxes to subsidize their refuse collections.