Startled bystanders watched as a young man atop the 110-story World Trade Center blew them a kiss, let out a whoop and jumped over the side - then opened a parachute and glided to a perfect landing.

The man landed on a patch of grass next to the twin towers, quickly packed up his chute and hopped into a waiting car that disappeared into rush-hour traffic Wednesday afternoon.WNYW-TV identifed him as John Vincent, 23, of Texas. His whereabouts Wednesday night were unknown.

Port Authority police Officer Lloyd Schwalb said he was in his offices on the 60th floor of one of the towers when he spotted someone floating down from the other tower.

"I was quite concerned they might land in a path of traffic," he said. "But as it turned out, this person seemed to skillfully maneuver the glider to land in a patch of green lawn."

Robert Bradley, a tourist from England, said the jumper leaped from the observation deck after yelling "something like `Geronimo!' "