The Vernal Police Department says a rash of burglaries plaguing the downtown area was solved when an 8-year-old boy was taken into custody on another matter.

Sgt. Joe Boren said the juvenile was apprehended last week after he was caught trying to break into a car parked behind a downtown business. While the boy was being transported to the police station, he began implicating himself and an 8-year-old friend in a number of burglaries, Boren said.The confession clears up burglaries at seven local businesses and three area schools in the past month, Boren said. "In every case the primary target appears to have been cash - just petty cash taken from boxes. At one of the schools a portable radio and walkie talkie were also stolen. It's tough to tell how much they took, but it appears we're looking at over $500 in cash, " Boren said.

In each case, entry was gained by breaking out a window or punching a hole through a roof after the business had closed for the day, he said.

Blood was left at the scene in one of the break-ins. Police are in the process of obtaining permission from juvenile court authorities to obtain blood samples and fingerprints from both boys to submit as evidence, along with their referrals to juvenile court.