Pleasant Grove High School is one of three Utah high schools to be honored by the U.S. Department of Education for its drug-prevention efforts.

The school's drug-free task force, called the Esteem Team, recently received the National Drug Free Award. Highland High School and Rose Park Elementary School also received the award. Utah is the only state that had three schools honored by the program.Cydni Rogers, president of the Esteem Team, said Pleasant Grove students worked with the faculty, administration, PTA and community to develop a successful drug-education campaign.

The group sponsored several drug-education programs during drug-free week, Red Ribbon Week and the Sweetheart Dance. One of the events was a giant game of Twister, where students who participated pledged to be drug-free.

Rogers said the group's biggest effort is its community school-watch program. As part of this program, every home within 1,000 feet of the school has a sign in the window warning that loitering, violence or any type of suspicious behavior will be reported. Residents can report suspicious behavior to either the police or the school.

Also, Pleasant Grove police placed street signs near the school warning against loitering and other suspicious behavior.

"The community has really been responsive to everything we wanted to do. Every day we have tons of calls to our school from concerned citizens," Rogers said.

Rogers said the program has been successful in reducing drug problems at Pleasant Grove High School.