DEAR ABBY: It was our wedding day, and we wanted everything to be perfect. We had our travel agent book us into the honeymoon suite at the classiest hotel in Dallas. I even called 2 1/2 weeks in advance to reconfirm our reservation.

The limo came to pick us up from the wedding at 10:15 p.m. We had several friends come with us, and we went to a few places before going to the hotel. When we got to the hotel after midnight, the limo dropped us off and our friends left to go to some more places.When we got to the reservation desk, they told us that all the suites were booked up and all they could give us was a room - get this - with a fold-out couch!

Well, what could we do? We had no transportation, so we were at their mercy. So, that was our wedding night!

How do we get "righted" for this wrong? Do we have any recourse at all? - VERY DISAPPOINTED

DEAR DISAPPOINTED: Recourse? Sorry, not a chance. However, your big disappointment can be a big help to people who are planning their weddings.

Reserve the bridal suite as soon as you set your wedding date. (Call the reservation manager and secure your reservation with a down payment in advance.) The day before your wedding, contact the reservation clerk again to ensure that you are expected. The morning of your wedding, have your best man or a close friend go to the hotel and check in for you - and give YOU the key to the suite!

Another mistake was "going to a few places" following your wedding without calling the hotel to let the people there know that you would be VERY late. In all probability, since you didn't show until after midnight, and they were not advised that you would be very late, they booked someone else into your suite.

Let's hope your sad tale will benefit future newlyweds.

DEAR ABBY: My closest friend wants to make me guardian of her children in case she and her husband should die at the same time.

Question No. 1: Can a blood relative (on either side) contest this wish even though it is clearly stated in the will?

Question No. 2: Can two adult women adopt each other as sisters? We are very close, and she is the sister I never had.

Question No. 3: If the answer to Question No. 2 is "yes," would Question No. 1 - if answered in the affirmative - be easier for me? - NEEDS TO KNOW

DEAR NEEDS: In answer to Question No. 1: Anyone can CONTEST any legal decision. Whether the contester can win in a court of law depends upon the circumstances, the evidence, the judge and/or jury.

If two adults who are not related to each other wish to legally adopt each other, they should present that question to an attorney. Because laws differ from state to state, legal questions are impossible to answer without the assistance of a lawyer in one's own state.

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