Three top executives of PST Inc., the Lin-don-based trucking company, have founded the Norton-Senn Corp. with the ultimate goal of consolidating the company with PST Enterprises.

They are Michael J. Norton, chief executive officer; Alan R. Wilson, president; and John D. Miller, senior vice president of operations. "We got involved with the Senn organization because both PST and Senn will benefit immensely from our anticipated joint efforts," said Norton.William P. Senn, Senn's vice president, said, "PST brings to our organization quality, up-to-date equipment, a nationwide marketing effort to begin broadening our lanes of service and access to additional shops and fuel locations throughout the U.S."

"Our goal is to become North America's largest flat bed and specialized carrier, while building a solid and thriving van division. In the near future, we plan to have between 700 and 800 units on the road every day. We will feature a flat bed and specialized division, but will also run more than 300 vans," said Norton.

The two companies will cooperate in their operations and pending the anticipated consolidation, PST will bring significant financial support including $2.5 million-$4 million in equity and working capital. It also will include use of PST's $2 million computer system.

Senn operates mostly on the East Coast and the southeast part of the country with 300 tractors, 450 trailers and 205 vans. PST has 750 employees and operates 500 tractors. After consolidation, both companies expect more than $100 million in annual revenue.