William Kennedy Smith was charged Thursday with rape and battery in the March 30 incident at his family's oceanfront estate, the Palm Beach County prosecutor announced.

State attorney David Bludworth also announced the filing of charges against a supermarket tabloid, the Globe, that published the name of the alleged victim.Smith, the 30-year-old nephew of Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, was being charged with two counts: second-degree sexual battery, tantamount to a rape charge, and second-degree battery.

A 29-year-old woman told police she was raped by Smith at the Kennedy compound after meeting him earlier in a bar. Smith has denied any wrongdoing.

Police said Tuesday that they were preparing a "probable cause" affidavit recommending that Bludworth charge Smith with sexual battery.

At a news conference Thursday, Bludworth said, "I commend the Palm Beach Police Department for doing a thorough, impartial and professional job in this case.

"This case is now in the criminal justice system, and it is not appropriate for this office to discuss the facts or give opinions related to the charges," Bludworth said.

Bludworth filed two misdemeanor charges against the Boca Raton-based Globe Communications Corp., which publishes the Globe, the first American newspaper to publish the accuser's name.

The two counts involved were the printing and publishing of a rape victim's name and other identifying information. Other media, not based in Florida, also have named the woman.