To keep the Water Department operating in the black, city officials are planning to increase water rates.

City Manager Ray Brown said the increase would effect 90 percent of the community."It depends mainly on outside consumption and yard size," he said. "Most people won't go over the minimum on inside use unless they have a large family."

Residents pay a base rate of $14 per month with a 6,000-gallon minimum. Residents who use more than the minimum would be charged a rate of 65 cents per thousand gallons instead of the 50 cents per thousand they are paying now.

The 15-cent increase would also be used to update and maintain the city's water system, Brown said.

Public comments on the increase will be heard at a public hearing on Wednesday, May 15, at 7 p.m. in Lindon City Hall. The council is expected to make a decision at that time.