Age: 44Where born: Salt Lake City

Family: Wife, Colleen; three daughters: Tiffany, Marianne, Wendy; three sons: Steven, Landon, Logan

Education: Bachelor of science degree, 1970, Brigham Young University

Primary products: Business and community service

Primary market: All Provo and Orem businesses

Number of employees: 7

Annual sales: not applicable


First "real" job: Crown Zellerbach Corp., Chicago

Management style: Management by objective

Strategy for success: Positive mental attitude

A memorable failure: U.S. Congress, four-vote loss 1990

Heroes: Religious - LDS President David O. McKay; sports - Mickey Mantle; political - George Romney

Leisure time and hobbies: Photography, sports, music

Favorite book and movie: Book: "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court"; Album: "Graceland," Paul Simon; Movie: "Dead Poets Society"