Evans & Sutherland, the Salt Lake-based company that designs, builds, markets and services interacting computing systems for pilot training and scientific application, has laid off 50 workers, about 2 percent of the work force, according to Susan Mickelsen, vice president of corporate relations.

She said the workers received a severance pay package commensurate with their seniority that includes continuance of health insurance for a period of time and the company also paid for a three-day seminar to help the former employees in job hunting.One of the reasons for the layoff is that E&S's products require less time in the manufacturing stage. This reduces labor requirements. She also said the civilian airline training business has slowed down from last year, mainly because of the Persian Gulf war. The military training requirements also are slowing down.

By using computers, airline pilots are trained on E&S-produced image generators that actually allow pilots to "fly" over territory in a simulator and become familiar with landmarks. The pilot also can face simulated emergencies to teach pilots how to handle them.