Utah writer Lee Nelson will speak at Southern Utah University's convocation Thursday, May 9, replacing Dr. Patrick Overton, who is unable to attend.

Nelson has become very popular in the West for his meticulously detailed and researched Western stories, including the "Storm Testament" novel series, which has been published in chapters in many newspapers.His Western writings struck a popular note, and now the exploits of young Dan Storm - who eluded anti-Mormon mobs to wander the Rocky Mountain region with an escaped slave - appear in nearly 100 newspapers.

A native of Logan, Nelson has also found time to delve into other subjects. In 1980, he wrote a biography of Brigham Young University's Coach LaVell Edwards. He has written two books on business subjects, "The Game of Work" and "Mormon Fortune Builders," has authored three volumes on out-of-body experiences, mostly researched in Utah, and published a collection of "Bigfoot" stories titled "Taming the Sasquatch."