Court proceedings for the man accused of bombing an Orem church and placing bombs at two other buildings have been suspended pending an evaluation to determine the man's competency.

A preliminary hearing was scheduled Monday for Jim Bowcut, 33, Orem, charged with three counts of placement of an infernal device, second-degree felonies, and four counts of constructing an infernal device, third-degree felonies.Last week 4th District Judge Cul-len Y. Christensen signed an order for Bowcut to be evaluated by two doctors. The evaluations must be completed within 30 days, after which the court will hold a hearing to determine Bowcut's competency to proceed.

Bowcut is accused of placing a bomb at an Orem LDS chapel that caused about $3,000 in damage when it exploded. He is also accused of placing bombs on the windows of the Orem City Library and a Provo office building for Wasatch Mental Health that failed to explode.