Kentucky went the distance and more in recruiting North Carolina transfer Clifford Rozier - causing it to self-report a rules violation and lose the player.

But basketball coach Rick Pitino and athletic director C.M. Newton said they don't expect the violation will result in any further penalties from the NCAA.Kentucky just completed two years of NCAA sanctions for recruiting violations and academic fraud. The penalties stemmed from one of the longest and most-publicized investigations in NCAA history.

"I would be very surprised if they treated it any other way than as a secondary violation," Newton said at a news conference Tuesday.

Pitino and Newton said the school broke the rule when Rozier attended a post-Kentucky Derby party at a Louisville home Saturday night. The applicable rule states that a school may entertain a recruit only within a 30-mile radius of the school. Louisville is about 75 miles west of Lexington.

"No matter how major or minor it may be, it is a violation," said Pitino. "We turned ourselves immediately in and we have stopped recruiting Clifford Rozier, which is very unfortunate for us because he is just about better than any high school player we could hope to get, and he'd have a year under his belt."

"We understand the rules and we're going to follow them," Newton said of Kentucky's action.

Rozier, a 6-foot-10 forward from Bradenton, Fla., left North Carolina after playing last season as a freshman.