In separate filings, the state Division of Occupational Licensing has petitioned for restraining orders and fines against three individuals accused of performing construction contracting without a license, documents said.

Sherman R. Jones of Sherman Jones Painting, Salt Lake City, was not licensed when he told a general contractor he was licensed, then submitting a bid and receiving $3,285 payment for a painting job. A petition said this is the second time licensing regulators have sought action against Jones for contracting without a license.Samuel J. Ortega, Salt Lake City, was not licensed when he advertised his construction services and submitted a bid to remodel a home, a petition said. The homeowners paid him a $1,250 down payment, a petition said, but after they discovered he was not licensed they dismissed Ortega from the job.

Jeffrey Nelson, West Jordan, admitted to licensing regulators that he wasn't licensed when he submitted a bid to build homes in Alta Canyon Village, a petition said. Investigators approached Nelson about his license while he was framing homes there.