Police in Flagstaff, Ariz., arrested a Taylorsville gas station clerk Tuesday after Salt Lake detectives became convinced the man would not turn himself in on felony theft charges.

Robert E. Lindsay, 28, 4778 S. 1815 West, has been missing since he disappeared April 25 from his part-time job at the Phillips 66 station at 4216 S. Redwood. Between $3,000 and $4,000 was missing from the store when it was found locked at 6 a.m. that morning. Detectives at first believed Lindsay might have been kidnapped during a robbery at the station.But they later found his car at a car-rental agency and followed Lindsay's trail to Wen-dover, where the rental car was found behind a grocery store with the keys locked inside.

Detective Commander Bill Van Wagenen of the Salt Lake County Sheriff's Department said officers picked up Lindsay's trail in Wen-dover. Sources placed Lindsay in Nevada, Phoenix, Cedar City and back to Flagstaff while officers worked with Lindsay's family with the hope that he would turn himself in on a felony theft charge for the money missing from the grocery store and a theft charge for not returning the rented car.

Van Wagenen said Lindsay expressed concerns about embarrassing his family and decided he could not turn himself in. "That's when we decided to move on it" and have Flagstaff police arrest and jail the man on the two theft charges, each carrying a $5,000 bail amount.

"Now we'll seek to have him waive extradition," Van Wagenen says. Failing that, the sheriff's department will request an extradition warrant from Gov. Norm Bangerter.