Granite District School Board approved more than 40 changes in school administrations Tuesday, including a new principal at Kearns High School.

Barry Richards, who had been principal at Kennedy Junior High School, will succeed Richard Haacke in the Kearns school. Haacke is retiring after many years of service to education. Maurice Wilkinson, associate director of school operations in the central office, also retired.New assignments include:

Lloyd Bybee, principal, Kennedy Junior; McKell Withers, principal, Bonneville Junior; Jim Cushing, associate director for student services in the district administration; Sheryl Benson, principal, Churchill Junior; David Stevens, principal, Bennion Junior; Ron Stanfield, principal, West Lake Junior; and Mary Voelker, acting principal, Olympus Junior.

Julene Oliver, associate director, school operations; Delbert Chris-tensen, principal, Copper Hills Elementary; Kevin Hague, principal, Pleasant Green; Karen Robinson, principal, Meadow Moor; Art Cox, assistant principal, Olympus High; Carole Cannon, assistant principal, Wasatch Junior; Janice Wright, principal, Upland Terrace; Marianna Sullivan, principal, Frost; Jane Lindsay, principal, Pioneer; Archie McCarrie, principal, Moss; Sherm Johansen, principal, Orchard; Claudia Wasden, principal, Mill Creek; Verna Tripp, principal, Gourley; John Allen, principal, Bridger; Cathy Perryman, principal, Holladay; Carla Wonder, principal, South Kearns; Kent Fuller, assistant principal, Bacchus and Bridger.

Cliff DeGraw, principal, Libbie Edward; Joey Foote, principal, Westbrook; Ann Adams, assistant principal, Hillside and Farnsworth; Court DeSpain, principal, Taylorsville; Linda Johnson, assistant principal, Truman; JoAnn Steffensen, Chapter 1 specialist; Luciano Martinez, assistant principal, Granger High; Tim Frost, assistant principal, Hunter Junior; Paul Sagers, acting principal, Crestview; Garrett Muse, acting assistant principal, Eisenhower Junior; Shannon Nishi, principal, Whittier Elementary; Becky Tesch, principal, West Kearns; Paul Hansen, junior high principal, Hartvigsen and Jones centers; Nancy Sorensen, assistant principal, Copper Hills and Pleasant Green; Donna Cluff, assistant principal, Hunter; and Lynda Siler, assistant principal, Fox Hills and Westbrook.