Intel Corp. has acquired Provo-based LANSystems' Network Products Division, a developer of network enhancement software utilities.

As a result of the acquisition, Intel's Personal Computer Enhancement Division gains LANSystems' product line, its software development team, sales/marketing group and management totaling 45 people."This acquisition directly supports our long-term objective of providing products and services that enhance and simplify networks," said Jim Flach, vice president of Intel Systems Group and a general manager of PCED.

Products acquired in the sale include NetPort, LANSpool, LANSpace, LANShell, LANSight, LANSelect, LANSchool and ReferencePoint. LANSpool, a print server utility, is available in four versions: LANSpool 286 and LANSpool 386 for NetWare-compatible programs; LANSpool LM for LAN Manager-based networks; and the recently introduced LANSpool Si to support the high-speed graphics print capabilities of the Hewlett-Packard LaserJet IIISi printer.

The product line will be sold and distributed through Intel's reseller channels.

LANSystems' systems integration business remains a privately held company, operating under its own name.