"Home Alone" finally fell from the box office Top 10 after a five-month run during which it became the third highest-grossing film in Hollywood history, behind "Star Wars" and "E.T. The Extraterrestrial."

"Oscar," Sylvester Stallone's new comedy, earned $5.1 million last week to land in the No. 1 spot, Exhibitor Relations Co. reported.In second place for the week was the drama "A Kiss Before Dying," pairing Sean Young and Matt Dillon. It earned $4.3 million in its first week.

"Toy Soldiers," a drama featuring Louis Gossett Jr., opened in third place. It sold $4.2 million in tickets.

"Home Alone," starring Macaulay Culkin as a boy left alone to fend off burglars, fell off the charts. It has made $266.2 million, climbing past No. 3 at the all-time box office, "Return of the Jedi," which earned $263 million.

Here are the top movie ticket sales according to Exhibitor Relations:

1. "OSCAR," $5.1 million (first week).

2. "A Kiss Before Dying," $4.3 million (first week).

3. "Toy Soldiers," $4.2 million (first week).

4. "Out for Justice," $4 million ($27.5 million, three weeks).

5. "Mortal Thoughts," $3.2 million ($11 million, two weeks).

6. "The Silence of the Lambs," $2.6 million ($108.7 million, 11 weeks).

7. "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II," $2.4 million ($70.6 million, six weeks).

8. "Dances With Wolves," $2.1 million ($162.8 million, 25 weeks).

9. "Defending Your Life," $1.42 million ($12.9 million, six weeks).

10. "Sleeping With the Enemy," $1.39 million ($91.1 million, 12 weeks).