Build Inc., of Bountiful, has received a $4.6 million contract to build a 10 million-gallon reservoir for the Metropolitan Water District of Salt Lake City.

The reservoir, which will hold treated culinary water, will be at about 3100 East and 7800 South on property formerly owned by Memorial Estates. The district has instituted condemnation procedures on the land and has gained control of the property. The property value, however, remains in dispute and may require court action for final determination.Including engineering costs, the project is expected to cost about $5.33 million. Construction is expected to begin in late summer or early fall with completion expected in early 1993.

The district received five bids for the project. The four rejected bids ranged from $4.94 million to $5.7 million. Build's bid was $2,000 less than the engineer's estimate.