People who buy the services of escorts in unincorporated Salt Lake County may not have to leave their names after all, officials have decided.

County commissioners have yet to make a final decision on changing an ordinance that led to a lawsuit by a group of dancers, escort services, patrons and artists. But the attorney representing those people has said he will drop the suit if patrons do not have to leave names.The original ordinance, passed in November but never enforced, required the names so that police and health officials could more easily track problems.

Attorney Stephen R. Cook had said the county would be violating the constitutional rights of citizens by requiring them to leave their names when they buy the services of escorts.

The escorts say they provide nothing more than companionship for their clients, but health officials say the escorts contract AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases at a rate far above the general population.

Cook said he still believes the ordinance to be the toughest regulation of sexually oriented businesses in the nation.