Two female Salt Lake County deputy sheriffs are asking for more than $50,000 each because they say they are paid less than their male counterparts.

The claim, received by county attorneys Monday, was filed by Kathryn Diamant and Leslee Collins. Not only do they believe they are underpaid, they are asking that all female employees in the sheriff's office be paid more.Officials for Sheriff Aaron Kennard said pay inequities exist but are more random than gender-based. Some deputies with only a few years' experience are being paid more than those who have worked much longer.

"The sheriff has asked the County Commission for $686,000 to straighten it out," said Darrell Brady, undersheriff. "I think it covers men, too. I think the women have just brought it out first."

County Commissioner Randy Horiuchi said he will try to quickly correct the problem if it involves discrimination against women.

"We need to correct it immediately," he said. "If government doesn't set the example, who will?"

Phillip Dyer, the attorney representing the women, could not be reached for comment. The claim is not a lawsuit. Under normal procedure, people with grievances wait until county attorneys answer their claims before deciding whether to sue.