The state's Glenwood Fish Hatchery will nearly triple its output when a construction project is complete in the fall.

The facility is closed to the public because of the project and concern for safety, said hatchery superintendent Paul Harmer. The largest number of visitors is recorded during spring and summer months because of students and other group tours.Cost of the project will exceed $1 million, with the facility last remodeled in 1976. Harmer said the production will increase from 70,000 to 200,000 pounds of fish per year, and the hatchery will be the second largest in Utah.

Some 18 new fish runs will be added to 15 currently in use.

The new runs will be built on three levels to allow gravity to control circulation of water, Harmer said, adding that costs of hatchery operations will be more efficient because gravity-feed construction will replace pump-circulated runs.