Utah's members of Congress are worried that proposed expansion of a California Army base might interfere with electrical transmission lines between Utah power plants and Los Angeles.

They wrote the U.S. Bureau of Land Management Friday asking that their concerns be addressed as part of an environmental impact statement it is preparing about the possible expansion of Fort Irwin National Training Center near Barstow."As you may know, a portion of a 500 (kilovolt) transmission line, running from central Utah to Los Angeles, is within the proposed expansion study area," they wrote.

"What measures are you considering for the protection of these transmission facilities and how do you propose to document these measures?"

The Utah delegation noted that if the power line must be moved to avoid Army maneuvers, it could cost "in excess of $125 million" - and it wants to know who would have to pay for that.

Other power and fiber optics lines are also in that corridor - and more are planned - and might also have to be moved at high cost. The delegation also wants to know exactly where the utility lines could be moved.