Palm Beach police said Tuesday they will recommend that rape charges be filed against William Kennedy Smith in the alleged March 30 assault at the Kennedy estate.

"We're confident that a sexual battery did occur," police spokesman Craig Gunkel told The Associated Press.Police are preparing a "probable cause affidavit" to present to state attorney David Bludworth "hopefully by the end of the week."

"We are recommending that criminal charges be filed," Gunkel said.

A 29-year-old Palm Beach County woman has accused Smith, a nephew of Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, of raping her at the Kennedy estate March 30 after they met at a bar.

Smith, a 30-year-old student at Georgetown University Medical School in Washington, has denied any wrongdoing. Gunkel said Tuesday that Smith has continued to decline to talk to investigators.

The police spokesman said he wouldn't comment on the exact charge recommended, refusing to confirm a New York Newsday report that police would recommend second-degree sexual battery charges.

Newsday, quoting sources it identified only as top police officials, also reported that police will recommend the prosecutor charge Smith directly rather than send the case to a grand jury for consideration.

Gunkel said police are not taking a position on whether the case should go to a grand jury.

But Gunkel added that police will present a "pretty set" case.