Classes: Sophomores, juniors, seniorsNumber of students: About 400 have been recognized.

Subject: XLR8 Club

Adviser: AnnaLee Hansen\

Students' grades were compared from first to second terms and from second to third terms. If a student's grade point average improved by 0.5 or more, he or she qualified for membership. Students were awarded T-shirts with a student-designed club logo and a membership card. Their names were also published in the school newspaper.

The first induction ceremony recognized 74 students. The second induction ceremony, April 25, inducted 305 students. There were also five students who qualified both times; the GPA of one of these went from 1.6 to 2.4 to 3.1 over the three terms. Enthusiasm was high as students' names were read and they came forward to be recognized. Carl Redlin, a Layton-area McDonald's franchise holder, helped purchase the T-shirts and spoke to the club's first members about the importance of education.


Location: 440 Lancer Lane, Layton

Students: 2,080\ Principal: Paul Smith

School district: Davis


The teacher's objective:

The concept behind the program is to give recognition for grade improvement with the hope that the reinforcement would provide encouragement and reward for making an effort to get good grades. It is aimed at those students who do not make the Honor Roll and might be considered "at risk" for dropping out due to discouragement and lack of success.

The success of the program is apparent from the increase in the number of those who qualified and in the enthusiasm expressed by the students themselves. Many borderline students asked to be included.

The students say:

One senior girl came to find out if her name had been left off the list by mistake, thinking she had qualified. The teacher found she had not qualified and told the student "maybe next time." The student said "That's not possible because I can't get five points higher than a 3.6 (4.0 is all A's)." When told she would have to be content with "only making the Honor Roll," she sighed and said, "But they don't get T-shirts."

What happens next:

Comparison between third and fourth terms will not be possible until after school is out. Letters of recognition and certificates will be mailed to students' homes during the summer. Program officials hope to get the necessary support to continue the program next year.