Mayor Richard M. Daley was sworn in Monday to his first full term and set as his goal for the next four years "a government that is smaller in size but greater in performance."

Daley also endorsed a national handgun ban, faster Chicago school reform and construction of a third major airport in the area.Daley, 49, is Chicago's 45th mayor. The son of the late Mayor Richard J. Daley, he first won office in a special 1989 election to complete the second term of the late Harold Washington. Daley was re-elected overwhelmingly last month.

Daley said his top priority is a bureaucratic overhaul beginning with an outside evaluation of the police department.

"My goal in the next four years is to mold a government that is smaller in size but greater in performance," Daley said. "What works, we will keep. What doesn't we will scrap."

He applauded steps taken in the past year to give parents more power in the public school system but said the pace of reform has been too slow.

He said it might be time to consider a voucher system, a program used in some other cities in which parents can choose to send their children to private schools at public expense.