The Provo City Library is offering citizens the chance to get their name on a book without actually having to write the work.

Rather, one would buy a new book for the library and then the library would have that person's name inscribed in the flyleaf. The library will print a donor's name in books purchased for $10 or more.That's basically how the library's new Add-a-Book Campaign works.

"It's a promotion to get some more books," said Mabel Crandall, a library board member. The library lacks funds for new books, she said. The facility currently has about 135,000 books, which city officials say isn't enough for a city of Provo's size.

Mayor Joe Jenkins' proposed city budget will include a recommendation that the City Council increase property taxes to raise about $100,000 for new books. Residents would pay about $4 more a year on an $80,000 home.

The library would also like to see people donate new books on their own. Crandall said the library will run the promotion for about six months to see how it goes.She'd like to make it an ongoing program.

Residents may also donate books as birthday gifts, or in honor or memory of other individuals.

For more information about the program call 375-6692.