Two Salt Lake women told police they were raped during the weekend in separate incidents.

A 17-year-old said she was raped Friday by a man who invited her and a friend to a house to eat pizza and watch video movies, a sheriff's report said.The girl told deputies the man followed her into a bathroom, held her against the toilet and raped her. The girl told the man "no" several times but he ignored her, the report said.

A 32-year-old told police she was raped by a man as she approached her car to leave for work early Sunday.

The woman said a man grabbed her by the arm outside her apartment about 5:10 a.m. and led her to a parking lot behind the apartment complex.

As they walked the woman asked the man, "Why are you doing this?" He responded, "Just shut up. I told you not to talk. And don't try to look at me," a police report said.

The man forced her to the back of a car and raped her while another man who was with the attacker watched, police said.