THIS YEAR'S ICE CAPADES, running Sept. 8-18 concurrently with the Utah State Fair, will be a throwback to the earlier days of ice shows - with plenty of glamorous, dazzling production numbers, elegant costuming and stunning talent.

Oh, the kiddies aren't being forgotten. There'll be at least one routine with the Smurfs, but by and large, the 1988 Ice Capades promises more glitz and glamour than ever before, including a Busby Berkley-style "Salute to Hollywood."Other production numbers during the company's 13 performances in the Salt Palace arena include "Winter Dreams," an elegant routine featuring both the headliners and the entire ensemble; "Noir et Blanc," described as "a chess fantasy in black and white," and "The Race to No. 1," choreographed to the energetic beat of today's rock sounds.

For the chess fantasy, the rink will be the board and world professional ice dance champions Carol Fox and Richard Dalley will be the players. Skaters will appear as animated chess pieces for a four-scene routine - the game, the battle, intrigue and "The Friendship Waltz."

But the "Salute to Hollywood" finale will account for nearly one-fourth of the program, including a glamorous "Premiere!" and tributes to several Hollywood traditions, including The Little Tramp, The Goddess and Silver Screen Slapstick (featuring those Ice Capades' favorites, the Scarecrows), and concluding with an elegant salute to Florenz Ziegfeld.

Scattered among these rink-filling production numbers will be a variety of solo and adagio routines.

One couple of more than passing interest is Colin and Molly Beatty.

The Beattys, who were stars of the Ice Follies for 30 years (1952-82), joined Ice Capades in 1987. Their own unique brand of ballroom ice dancing (maybe "brawlroom" would be a better term) has long given them a special niche in the annals of ice shows.

Colin and his sons, Chris and Andy, comprise "The Scarecrows" act. The Beattys' boys were born on the road while their parents traveled the world performing their ice dance satire. They laced up their first pairs of skates when they were only 2 years old.

Both Carol Fox and Richard Dalley grew up in towns not far from Detroit, Mich. - Fox in Westland and Dalley in Lathrup. Both attended Wayne State College in Detroit. They roller skated as youngsters and didn't begin ice skating until they were teenagers. Within the first year of competition as partners (1981) they won prestigious international recognition and qualified for positions on the U.S. World Team.

Tickets for Ice Capades performances are $10, $9 and $7, with $2-per-ticket discounts for youths (16 and under) and senior citizens (62 and older) for all regularly priced performances.

In addition, there will be a number of specially priced shows, including opening night (all seats half price); Smith's Family Night on Monday, Sept. 13 ($3 per seat discount on all seats with a coupon from Smith's); Senior Citizens Day at the Utah State Fair, Sept. 15 (with a special matinee at 10 a.m. sponsored by KDYL Radio, seats priced at $7, $6 and $4); and a $2 discount for adults at three designated KLCY Radio-Hardee's performances with a coupon from Hardee's.

For ticket information and credit card charge orders (VISA or MasterCard) call 363-7681 or 1-800-888-SHOW (toll-free). For group discount information, call 532-5451.

Tickets to the Ice Capades include a stub good for free admission to the Utah State Fair.

(BU) SKATING AUDITIONS for new members of the Ice Capades ensemble will be held on Sept. 16 at 4:30 p.m. on the Salt Palace rink. Skaters interested in joining the company should be proficient in figure and freestyle skating and in basic jumps and spins. A background in dance, theater, music, acrobatics or gymnastics is also helpful.

Minimum age for prospective cast members is 18, although talented skaters who are 17 and high school graduates may audition if accompanied by a parent or guardian. For women, the preferred minimum height is 5 feet, 3 inches and men should be at least 5 feet, 8 inches tall. Weight should be in proper proportion to height.

For further information call the show office at 534-4777 after Wednesday.