University of Utah gymnastics Coach Greg Marsden has sent a letter expressing his concern about the NCAA-Championship scoring mixup two weeks ago to NCAA Women's Gymnastics Committee chair Cheryl Levick of Stanford and to NCAA Assistant Director of Championships Nancy Latimore.

But that's about all he can do to right the situation, in which a mistake in averaging scores gave a share of the NCAA balance beam championship to an Alabama gymnast whose total actually only added up to a tie for third place. The mistake was discovered after awards had been distributed and announced and scoresheets had been signed, so the gymnastics committee decreed that the results - though wrong - were official. That kept a Georgia and an Oregon State gymnast from getting their rightful second- and third-place awards.Marsden, Oregon State Coach Jim Turpin and Georgia Coach Suzanne Yoculan had planned on sending an appeal to the NCAA executive committee, but Marsden learned in a phone conversation with Donna Noonan, NCAA director of championships, that the NCAA won't review the decision of sports committee made at a championship.

"There's nothing else you can do," says Marsden. "We have to accept it."

Utah's Missy Marlowe was the balance beam co-champion. - Linda Hamilton