The license plate is No. 1.

Over in a corner, in small letters, it says "Governor."

Big deal.

The car was in a no-parking zone, and a policeman did what he had to.

He said he didn't know it was the governor's car.

It happened Wednesday in downtown Oklahoma City.

"It was only a warning," Sam Armstrong, the governor's press aide, said Thursday. "If the car had stayed there longer, the next time the officer came back, then a ticket would have been issued."

The driver of the governor's car, Oklahoma Highway Patrol Lt. Jerry Simpson, said the vehicle frequently is parked in loading zones or no-parking areas, and this wasn't the first time it was ticketed.

"We have to keep the car close to the building in case of an emergency, or he gets sick," Simpson said.

What does Gov. Henry Bellmon think about it?

"He kind of got a kick out of it," Simpson said.