Alta View Hospital-

BELL, Kevin and Lesley, Sandy, girl.

RAMSEY, Deborah, Salt Lake City, boy.

TAGGART, Richard and Lisa, Sandy, boy.

FHP Birthing Suites-

CLEMENTS, Richard and Gabrielle, Salt Lake City, girl.

GINGERICH, Annette, West Valley City, boy.

HUFF, Curtis and Kim, Sandy, girl.

HUNTER, Becky, Murray, boy.

HUNTER, George and Lara, Salt Lake City, girl.

HUNTSMAN, Michael and Sheila, Bountiful, girl.

KIDD, Tammy and ROGERS, Troy, Kearns, boy.

KIRKMAN, Blair and Jolyn, West Valley City, boy.

KUNZ, Merrill and Sue, Riverton, girl.

PAYNE, Rory and Lisa, Sandy, boy.

RIVERA, Griselda, West Jordan, boy.

SLY, Jeff and Elizabeth, Magna, boy.

TANNER, Curtis and Rajene, Ogden, boy.

THORUP, Todd and Michelle, West Jordan, girl.

Holy Cross Jordan Valley Hospital-

AUBERGER, Dave and Kim, West Valley City, boy.

BARLOW, Henry and Sherry, girl.

BASSO, Richard A. and Selena A., Draper, girl.

BONNER, Clark and Amy, West Jordan, boy.

CARTER, Tricia and STARLEY, Kyle, girl.

CLARK, David and Leesha, West Valley City, boy.

CRANDALL, Darin and Tami, Sandy, boy.

GALLEGOS, Karrisa and MONTOYA, Joe, Salt Lake City, boy.

HICKMAN, Mark and Connie, Riverton, girl.

HINTZE, Allen and Joy, West Jordan, girl.

NEWBURY, Amanda, girl.

SANTISTEVAN, Eric and Claudia, girl.

STEINKE, Rod and Angie, boy.

YOUNGBERG, Robert and Kathryn, Riverton, boy.

LDS Hospital-

ANDERSON, Rodney and Janet, Salt Lake City, girl.

CHILD, James and Jamie, Riverton, boy.

FERGUSON, John and Lisa, Farmington, boy.

FOSTER, Robert and Mary, North Salt Lake, girl.

GILMORE, Charles and Judith, boy.

HYTE, Randall and Kathryn, Salt Lake City, boy.

JOHNSON, Paul and Jill, Sandy, boy.

McCULLOUGH, Mike and Gina, Salt Lake City, boy.

McKELL, Brad and Renae, Bluffdale, boy.

MONSON, Chris and Marie, Salt Lake City, boy.

NAWAHINE, Mathew and Sheryl, girl.

NEWEY, Paul and Katrina, Salt Lake City, girl.

RICKS, Dwight and Marianne, Salt Lake City, boy.

THAIN, Tracy and Suzanne, Kaysville, girl.

TIMOTHY, Guy and Karen, Salt Lake City, girl.

WALL, Bret and Stacey, West Jordan, boy.

WHITE, Anthony and Kathleen, Salt Lake City, girl.

St. Mark's Hospital-

HALL, Wayne and Helga, Dugway, girl.

HENDERSEN, Victor and Susan, Salt Lake City, girl.

JACOBSEN, Randy and Dianne, Salt Lake City, boy.

KING, Sidney and Debra, Salt Lake City, girl.

McAFEE, Richard and Robin, American Fork, boy.

STEVENS, Edward and Kristina, Provo, girl.

WHITEHOUSE, Robert and Yvonne, Tooele, girl.