Four of six suspects in a drive-by shooting were in custody Friday night, and police believe they know the identity of one other suspect.

Sgt. Ken Hansen, with the Salt Lake-area gang project, said police responded to a report of gunshots Friday near 1400 W. 1300 South. Hansen said gang project officers were just leaving a meeting at downtown headquarters when the call came in.Gang officers who would ordinarily be stationed throughout the valley combed the area for the suspect car.

Occupants of the vehicle that was the target of the gunshots ran for shelter in a house on Stewart Street near Glendale Drive. Three or four more shots were fired at them as they raced into the residence. There was a bullet hole in the trunk of their car and a shot may have hit the garage door of the house, but the four victims were uninjured, Hansen said.

Based on information from the victims, gang officers stopped a vehicle at Iola and Navajo streets, according to Hansen. One person was immediately taken into custody and another was chased down two blocks east of Navajo, Hansen reported. Police arrested two juvenile suspects two hours after the incident. Two more suspects remain at large. Hansen predicted all six suspects will be identified.